How We Help

Independent Living Skills Services (ILS)

ILS supports an individual to develop, maintain, and improve community living skills. ILS assists individuals by developing personal goals and providing 1:1 support to help with a variety of areas. Goals are geared towards successful, independent living; a support plan may include improving their health and housing, completing important paperwork, developing supportive relationships, obtaining community resources, or finding employment or volunteer work.

Person-Centered Planning

As facilitators, we hold the understanding that within a Person-Centered planning process, there are many tools and methods that can be used and often are employed given each person’s unique situation.

Together we explore the balance between what is important to a person and for a person. Person-Centered facilitation holds at its core, the individual rights and experiences that should be available to all. Promoting a world where all people have control and choice in their lives.

Supported Housing

AIM Services strives to provide unique supports for the people we care about. To continue offering quality care, we’re expanding. We have created a supported apartment model that will assist individuals in maintaining and building independence. This apartment community will benefit residents through natural supports and meaningful friendships.

Our supported apartments offer ILS/SLS (Independent living skills training/Supported Living Services), and 24-hour emergency assistance. Individuals have the option to live in their own independent apartment, or with a roommate. AIM has one- and two-bedroom apartments available and we offer customizable supports to meet varying needs. Apartments available in South St. Paul.

Companion Services

Companion services help individuals who have difficulty accessing the community. Focuses on decreasing isolation and developing supportive relationships and community connections through 1:1 support. This service can be provided in their home or in the community.

Supported Living Services (SLS)

SLS Services assist individuals to live more independently in their own home. Habilitation services are provided in the person’s residence and in the community, and should be directed toward increasing and maintaining the person’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social functioning. Supported living services are provided to an adult who requires daily staff intervention due to behavior problems, medical conditions, physical deficits and/or lack of adequate survival skills.

In-Home Family Support (IHFS)

In-Home Family Supports help people with developmental disabilities live in the community more independently. This service is funded by the Developmental Disabilities Waiver.

Training is provided in the person’s home and community, with the goal to maintain or increase the person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning.

Training is available to the family, including extended family, of the person with a developmental disability.

Community Residential Site (CRS)

Our residential program, “The Harbor”, offers professional staffing and support services in our privately owned home located in Ramsey County. Our home serves up to four adults over the age of 18, with each person having their own bedroom.

The Harbor’s trained staff is available to assist individuals with activities of daily living including; personal cares, medications, meals, transportation and opportunities to participate in their career and community.

We encourage everyone to participate in household decision making, meal planning and community activities. We feel this contributes to a family-like home environment.

Our services focus on person centered values and individual supports – Promoting a better life. All staff are provided with orientation and extensive training that includes but not limited to, Person Centered Planning, First Aid, Medication Administration, and Brain Injury Basics.

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