AIM stands for Achieving Individual Milestones.

How can we help you reach yours?

Aim Services can:

Help you with IHS Supports. We walk alongside you in your journey toward independence. We’ve done our job, when you’re living better!

Offer innovative strategies to find you a place to call home, expand your community, and develop resources to reach your life goals. Even if you don’t choose us, we still want to help!

And for the providers out there, we have a full range of Consulting Services to help you with DHS Licensing compliance, to free up your valuable time, so you can focus on the people you care about.

AIM Services Inc

We do business differently.

Let us prove it.



Our case management department loves AIM Services and our positive working relationship.

Case Manager - St. Paul, MN


AIM is the only one that has stuck with me. They are helping me stay focused.

Jim – St. Paul, MN


I am so excited when Tuesday and Friday come. I know someone is coming to help me or just be my friend for a few hours.

Tom - St. Paul, MN


I have been in better spirits because staff comes 2-times a week. It makes me feel like I’m a part of things.

Robin - St. Paul, MN

PAUL – St. Paul, MN

With other caregivers I’ve always gotten anxious. With you guys I look forward to someone coming. With AIM I’ve made great progress due to the compassion and willingness to help.

Paul – St. Paul, MN

Case Manager – St. Paul

So as CG’s case manager I thought it would be very important to stop my day and give you a huge shout out. I have always known you are the best in the business....now my individuals feel it also. So thank you for your awesome service to all individuals who you assist.

AG – St. Paul

I just wanted to say thank you for always being so accommodating and helpful with my ups and downs. It really helps me give myself more grace. Your company has made a positive impact on my well being and I appreciate it.

Case Manager – St. Paul

I do want to say a huge thank you for all the work you guys have been putting in for RG. Please note what you guys do and have been doing for RG does not go unnoticed. I really appreciate the time and effort you put forward every day.

Case Manager – St. Paul

You are amazing, and I love working with you.

Case Manager – St. Paul

I appreciate how excited CG gets when I come and visit him, and he talks about all the outings and activities that he does!

Our Services


Helping with your independence


A place to call
your home


Independent housing supports


Helping providers with compliance and paperwork